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Writing is good fun. Over the years I have written numerous short stories and assorted odds and ends, and the best ones are here.

PVC Pong (02/05/2008)
The rules for a table tennis variant I made up.

The Milk Bar (05/04/2008)
The second Jason Digby story. The events are fictional, but the setting isn't.

One Afternoon on Platform 19 (05/04/2008)
A short story I wrote involving a character called Jason Digby. The story just came to me once as I was leaving Central Station and it made me laugh, so I figured I might as well jot it down. It's actually kind of gross, so don't read it if you are squeamish.

The Splorg Story (2006-ish)
I- I don't really know what this is.

The 26 Hour Manifesto (05/10/2006)
My argument for a longer day.

So You're Doing The HSC (14/02/2006)
A satirical guide to the Higher School Certificate.

The Last Christmas (26/01/2006)
This is a weird story I wrote, which was inspired by a picture I made with City Creator. It is a funny but very sad story featuring a boy named Billy and the real Santa Claus.

40,000 Feet (2003)
I wrote this for a school English assignment. The style and scope probably isn't suited to the one thousand word limit imposed on the assignment, but it's still pretty good. It is very obviously based on the work of one of my favourite authors, Matthew Reilly.

Knock, Knock (2002)
Another English assignment. It is loosely based on a campfire story I heard a while before I wrote it.

The Giant Mechanical Chicken That Ate Everyone (2001)
Yet another English assignment. I think the trailer trash people were based on those in Mars Attacks. The name Kasulus is one I just made up to sound yokelish. I originally planned this to be the first in a series but I really couldn't be bothered writing a series of these.