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The 26 Hour Day Manifesto

By Middlerun

Note: Since writing this I found out that other people have already had this idea (e.g. 28-hour day, which makes more sense anyway).

Spare time is an elusive beast. So much time is taken up by work, study, sleep, chores, meals, etc. that there's just not enough time for the important things in life, like watching TV. So what should we do when there's not enough hours in the day? My solution is simple: add more.


Now obviously we can't slow down the earth's rotation, so that's out. What I'm suggesting is that we simply change all our clocks so that they go up to 26 hours, instead of 24. Then we live by the new clock.

You may be wondering how we can live by a 26-hour clock when the night/day cycle is 24 hours. Let me ask you something: in this age of curtains and electric lights, when we can easily control the ambient lighting, why do we have to live by the Earth's night and day cycle? Answer: we don't. We can control our daily routines, which gives us the power to live by whatever length of day we want.

An extra two hours means that in twelve calendar days, exactly thirteen Earth-days will have passed, so 26- and 24-hour times will sync up at midnight. This is the beat frequency. Over the twelve days, the time when people are awake will go from mostly light to mostly dark, and back.


Wouldn't it be great to have more time to sleep, and more time to be with your family or friends, or watch TV, or build nuclear reactors in your shed? Wouldn't it be interesting to have alternatingly light and dark days?

'nuff said!