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Knock, Knock

By Middlerun

Crack! Crack, went the thunder as Joseph sat in his room, waiting for his parents to get back from the opera. They did that every now and then, leaving him home alone. Normally he was glad to have the house to himself, but this time he was scared. The rain and storm hadn't stopped all night, and Joseph had heard stories. Stories about axe murderers, roaming his neighborhood during storms, and dead bodies being found the morning after with their heads gone, and body parts and guts all over the floor. He has passed them off as stupid stories, but being alone in a big, old house during a storm does funny things to people. A stupid story can become whatever your mind creates.

To make it easier he thought of his parents. His mother, smiling, wearing one of her fancy dresses. She was the sort of person who could always cheer you up. His father was a big man, full of surprises. He had a big, crazy grin under his moustache, big, bushy and black, which always twitched when he spoke. Everyone who knew him could recognise him instantly by his moustache.

Joseph looked out the window. He was on the second floor. The thunder and lightning still raged outside. He looked at the trees across the road. It was a sort of wildlife park. The houses on each side of his house were each about 100 metres away. He looked down the road and saw something on the horizon. He hadn't noticed it before, just a dark shape on the road. He sat down and started to read his book, a horror story called "Essence of Blood". He realised that reading a horror story was perhaps not the smartest thing to do. He looked out the window. The dark shape was closer now, obviously a person. Who was it? Some stalker? Joseph sat on the floor, leaning against his bed. His heartbeat was getting faster. Okay, he thought to himself, don't worry, it's probably the next door neighbour coming home from somewhere. Suddenly the window smashed and a round object came sailing through. Joseph cried out in surprise. The thing bounced off the wall and landed in front of him. A lifeless face stared at him. His heart skipped a beat. He fall backwards and started to sob. It was his mother's head, dripping blood all over the floor. Suddenly there was a crashing noise outside, then glass breaking. The front door was being smashed open. Joseph listened, shakily, from the corner of his room.

"This is all a dream," he whispered to himself. His voice was shakier than he was. "There's nobody after me, it's just a horrible nightmare." The thunder clapped outside.

The crazy person was coming up the stairs. The old staircase was creaking like it always did. Joseph heard two knocks on a door down the hallway. He suddenly snapped out of his trance and realised that this was real and he had to find a way out. There were two more knocks in the hallway, a little closer this time. He tried to open the window but it was locked and he would need the key, which was downstairs, to open it. He shook in fear as he heard those horrible knocking sounds on the door next to his. They were getting louder. Joseph was about to break the window when he realised that the killer would hear him instantly. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Knock! Knock! He froze as his door was struck loudly by what as probably an axe. There was a long pause, longer than the gaps after the knocks on the other doors. Then he heard the noise again, further down the hall. His heartbeat slowed, and he slumped to the floor, his face covered in sweat. After about half a minute, the killer knocked on what Joseph knew was the last door of the hallway. He waited. Suddenly the door flew open, the handle broke off. Thunder struck again and there was a flash of blade flying through the air, and the last thing Joseph saw was a maniacal grin under a big, bushy, black moustache.